Thursday, September 30, 2010

I want the GREEN grass...on the other side

Remember when I use to get a paycheck? What glorious days those were! Hearing about friends getting jobs, having paychecks, being able to leave their work at work and just go home and chill, sounds great right now. Yes, the grass is always greener on the other side…but their side is literally full of GREEN, if ya know what I mean!
I know the working folk don’t have it all together, but at this time in the year, a job sounds amazing. Don’t give me that “oh, you’ll be glad in the long run talk…just let me pine for the summer where I get to go back to having a job. (or atleast I hope I’ll get a job!)
I love working! Whether it is GAP, Starbucks, Maurices (eh…that one wasn’t a fav!) babysitting, calling strangers, selling luggage or even promoting dog food (also not a fav!) I just LOVE WORKING! I want to do something, anything, to prove to me I am doing this for a reason.  If I could atleast get one piece of feedback, a grade, anything to prove to me I am showing progress and making a difference.
So enough with my pining for their green lives. I’ll take my dried up, barren, land for yet another day

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Here are lots of random little things I’ve thought of lately.
·         I got a great new lunch bag!!! (thanks mom!)

·         This is my law picture for the next 3 years. So if you see this in the paper, it means I did something special! (But don’t get your hopes up)

·         This new speed-bump thing in Canada is going to get someone killed. It is an optical illusion drawing on speed bumps to get people to slow down. Huge accident waiting to happen!

·         Obviously I’m into this new obsession for wanting reusable coffee sleeves. But I found this article of a person who made a magnetic one so they could stick their coffee to anything metal when they needed to have their hands free. Great idea right?!

·         UNL got caught a few years ago because they were the #1 University in the nation for breaking copyright laws in downloading music. To me, that’s hilarious.

·         Um how amazing is this cupake!?
·         I found it funny in a case where a lawyer was ticking off the judge and she literally got sentenced to go back to school to repeat courses. How humiliating! I would move….to a different country.

·      Oh and dont even get me started on how much I want these cookie cutters!
(they are at williams-sonoma in case anyone is looking for a belated bday gift for yours truly!)
Well besides crafting and school, that basically sums up everything that has been going through my head lately!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

When I grow Up

Yeah, I bet I got you singing the Pussycat Dolls song.
(Don’t worry so am I!) According the song, yes, I may want to “see the world, drive nice cars and…” well that’s about the extent of what I can relate to!

I get asked a lot what kind of lawyer I want to be. No, I don’t watch any of those lawyer shows…they scare me. Honestly, if it’s a show with a courtroom…it’s a pretty good chance someone got shot, and I just don’t care much for that kind of drama. (even a movie as light-hearted and lovable as Legally Blonde!)

So no, I don’t want to be in a courtroom.  I’ve found, however, that transactional law/business law has peeked my interest. Working with companies who are working on IPOs and dealing in contracts, is more my style. It’s being able to practice law, without dealing with the people arguing about who did what to whom and who’s at fault. Although, much like undergrad, we have a lot of required courses to go through…so choosing a field is pretty much pointless at present.

So if you are picturing me in a pencil skirt, hair in a bun, standing next to my client yelling “I object”…then someone has been watching a few too many law movies!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Craft High

I wish I could explain the miraculous feeling I get deep down in my tummy when I finish a phenomenal craft! For those of you who know me, it’s the same feeling I get when I see an outlet mall, get really good news (Like when I got the call from UNL), or see a Harry Potter preview. It’s the “can’t control my limbs, lean over and hit the person next to me” kind of excited. (I’m jumping in my chair as I type)
Well, I decided to make a coffee cozy for myself on last night. The whole idea is a cute, yet functional coffee sleeve to slip over your morning cup at Starbucks to make your day a little brighter! Not only is it SUPER CUTE **said in my girly-est voice I can manage :) ** but I’ve put a thermal insulated layer inbetween to keep your hands cool, and your drink hot!

I’d add “save a tree” to the bottom of this…but lets be honest, I’m still using the paper cup so I can’t be that eco-friendly. But every little bit helps! Just remember to tell your neighborhood barista you’ve got a sleeve already!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Sorry, but the cornhand just isn’t cutting it for me.
Exhibit A

I’ve got news for you…it just isn’t going to be as catchy as the “hook em horns” First, let me examine the fact that not everyone can do it. Everyone can do the horns (excluding those unfortunate enough to be missing fingers) but that cornhand just cannot be done by a large majority of people. Me for instance! My left hand will comply, but my right just is not having it.
Exhibit B

I know I cant be the only one out there thinking this!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Farmers' Market

Okay, I never thought I'd be one to admit this....but I am really liking lincoln after this morning. I decided I wanted to be the typical college student today, and go to the farmers market downtown. LOVE IT! Not only did I love the market, but there is this awesome 5 mile bike path that I can hop on and it takes me almost straight there. Not to mention, riding in downtown is just so relaxing.

There are some great sculptures on the way, parks, gardens, and I think it took me under part of the zoo ( from the combination of people and animal smell, I assumed my location). How great is that?!

So the moral is, even if Lincoln isnt as big as still is a college town so it has its perks!

I did have to make a coffee stop too, becasue every other store down there is a coffee shop...I couldnt help myself. (Incase you are OC bottle is filled with coffee..judge me)

Friday, September 17, 2010

The Gunner

Law School has got ‘em too...bad! Let me describe “the gunner” for you. That is the girl who raises her hand before the teacher finishes the question, but not only raises it…but does the kindergarten stretch that lifts her rear off the seat, and a hand which waves “hey look at me, look at me!” If you don’t know who the gunner is, chances are it might be you.
Within the last 4 weeks, I’ve learned to find out which teachers truly want to see you sweat. If you think you’ve got the right answer, they throw a kink in the hypothetical. Best part is, every answer is wrong somehow, so you may as well give up and sit back. Other teachers act like a mom, trying to encourage you and spur you on. Either way “the gunner” looses. The hard teachers are even harder on the brown-nosers, and the teachers who act like your mom want to give everyone a chance, so they ignore the waving hand in the front row.  

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Mac vs PC

I love my new layout…but I am ashamed to be portraying an image of this girl using a cute little Mac. I admit I am still a Dell user, and although I was proud of my 4+ year old Dell in the past…carrying this massive brick around school has started to take its toll on both myself and my computer. A change may be in my future, but at present, my Dell still prevails. Also, this layout also makes studying look glamorous…we all know that isn’t true. So I hope I’m not fooling anyone into thinking that’s how my study nights look.
Also, is it just me or does it seem like she just has one leg?

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Don’t be a Tard-y

Funny thing about law school, the ruling on when tardiness is completely opposite from the rest of the world. The rule is:
If you are 10 minutes early, you are on time.
If you are 5 minutes early, you are late
If you are on time, you are late
If you are 5 minute late, you’re in trouble!

Really, it’s a true story! I’ve only had one person walk in late to a class. It was on the 2nd day, and it was literally one minute after. Boy was he in trouble! I can understand the professor’s reasoning, the whole concept is you better be early, because if you are ever late to court, the odds are already against you. So it is building a skill you will need later in your career. Also, I was taken aback when I got into class 10 minutes early on the first day, and there was only one place left to sit. Most people get to class at least 15 minutes early. That could either be because A) they don’t ever want to be late or B) law school student have nowhere else to be. I’d say it’s a little of both!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Birthday Weekend

Thanks for all the birthday wishes! I had a great birthday weekend
Friday a few of the law school girls made me cupcakes, and decorated my locker
That evening we went to Buzzard Billy's where I ate Alligator meat and Buffalo. Neither of which I've tried before, but both I would do all over again! It was nice to spend some time outside of school with everyone.
Saturday was the game!!! My first time in the student section, and Kevin's first game. Totally worth it!

Thankfully the family got to come visit on Sunday, so we could celebrate all over again!

Thanks for making my birthday so special everyone!

Friday, September 10, 2010

If cryogenics were all free, then you could live like Walt Disney, And live for all eternity inside a block of ice

Birthday weekend!!! Boy, do I feel old. 23 just sounds astonishingly older than 22. I can already tell this weekend is going to be fantastic! Kevin is in town and we are going to his first Husker game! (I think I am more excited about it then he is) We are going out tonight with a few friends from law school to celebrate both my birthday and the end of week 3!

With the end of week 3, I am finally getting a schedule down. I was told by a 2L (we go by IL, 2L, 3L in law school… “L” stands for Level, so I bet you can figure out what the numbers mean) to treat law school like a job. Study from 9-5 and then you will have most of your work done. I don’t quite do that, but now when I have breaks between classes, I go ahead and work on the next day’s assignments. It helps me to feel less overwhelmed when I get done for the day, even though I still have a lot to do at night. I am still social during the hours of 12-1 for lunch, so don’t worry I am not completely anti-social. I know that is a big fear for some of you :)

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

What's In A Name?

I think it’s hilarious that teachers don’t care what your first name is. When a professor isn’t standing by the seating chart, they will point and say “what’s your name?” and if you answer “Jeff” they stare at you blankly and say “Jeff…?”After telling them your last name, the next response is “Well Mr. Brown, if you would please describe the case at hand” and then your first name is utterly forgotten.

On that note, let me include a shirt I found online that would be sure to get you called on in class anyday!

Monday, September 6, 2010

I'm A Survivor

The 2nd week of law school was a lot more difficult, so don’t let me fool you with all of my light-hearted humor. My free time is diminishing during the week. Between classes I’m doing homework for the following day, I get home and go straight to my desk and read. More importantly, the material is getting much more difficult. The language has become more “leagalese” and the questions in class have become more difficult to follow.

One of the most difficult things is to force myself to take time to not think about law. Thankfully, my trip to OC helped that tremendously. IT WAS SO GREAT TO SEE EVERYONE!!!! Also, in the evenings I am trying to take time off to go talk to my grandparents, meet with friends, jog, or just simply get up and move. Professor’s suggest trying to take one day off a week, or else the pressure gets to you. Good thing Husker tickets are becoming much more accessible, because if anything is going to force me out of the house, it’s a good football game!

Friday, September 3, 2010


That’s right! Guess who is leaving for good ole Oklahoma this afternoon! I figured with Labor Day weekend (1 point to public schools that get government holidays off!) I decided to use it wisely, take a break from my whole 2 weeks of law school, and visit some friends. Also, I thought I may as well get out of Lincoln while I still have the free time to do so.

To adorn this entry, I thought I would add a photo by googling “Oklahoma Christian” Here are some of my favorite photos that came up:

Can’t wait to head back to my alma mater (yeah, that just made me feel old)

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Online Shopping

I will be the first to admit I enjoy online shopping! I’ll start to think of something I need, check out a few stores, and next thing I know its 2 hours later and I have a cart of $200 on 3 different websites. Don’t worry, I don’t buy it all! Actually, I don’t usually buy any of it. But when I do absolutely need something, (like my super cool new backpack I am waiting on from Urban Outfitters!) my favorite part of ordering is when I get to track my purchase online. I love seeing where it came from, what states it drove through, and it makes it so much more amazing when I see it on the front porch (usually smashed in the glass door) just waiting for me. Like a puppy that doesn’t bark, lick, smell, or stink!
My new backpack that comes today!
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