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Friday, September 17, 2010

The Gunner

Law School has got ‘em too...bad! Let me describe “the gunner” for you. That is the girl who raises her hand before the teacher finishes the question, but not only raises it…but does the kindergarten stretch that lifts her rear off the seat, and a hand which waves “hey look at me, look at me!” If you don’t know who the gunner is, chances are it might be you.
Within the last 4 weeks, I’ve learned to find out which teachers truly want to see you sweat. If you think you’ve got the right answer, they throw a kink in the hypothetical. Best part is, every answer is wrong somehow, so you may as well give up and sit back. Other teachers act like a mom, trying to encourage you and spur you on. Either way “the gunner” looses. The hard teachers are even harder on the brown-nosers, and the teachers who act like your mom want to give everyone a chance, so they ignore the waving hand in the front row.