Monday, January 3, 2011

Bookplate = Love

Book labels/plates are amazing. Not only do they allow you to loan out books, with the highest hopes of getting them back, but they are also an artistic way to tell a story. Used books..gosh they are just amazing... and if they ever have a book label in them… I get super excited because I know a small piece of this book’s story.

Anyway…I’ve always wanted an awesome book label, but never was artistic enough to make one myself! So thanks to Kevin…he made this!

Great right? I asked him to make it based of an design I found online.

All I did was print it out on blank envelope labels I bought at walmart. I decided on the 6 per page ones...and they look AMAZING! 10 sheets from under $5. That's 60 lables (GMAT studying has really improved my math skills! haha)

But…my point here is not to brag about my awesome label, but instead to allow others to join in my love and have their own!

Free Label printables!

Here are two great ones! You can also check out her other free printables (1) (2)
I have a huge love of owls
These are just gorgeous!

Etsy Bookplates

Gorgeous bird/tree theme that I love so much

This one just screams my mother’s name!

I cant help but be drawn to the birds!
Or instead, try a cute stamp!


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