Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A little help from my friends & {Headband Winner}

My sister just entroduced me to Heartsy! Basically- its groupon for etsy stores! Seeing as how I have an etsy- I'd LOVE to be considered for one of the stores! Here is where you come in- please vote? Click here and vote for me- and I'd be super happy!!

If you have an etsy- go sign up! (Here is my referral link) Tell me if you are applying to have your store on there- and I will be sure to vote for you as well!!

Enough groveling....On to the good stuff!

We've got a winner for the Headband/Earwarmer from Chelsea! (or as my best friend Alyssa likes to say "Winner Winner Chicken Dinner")

And our winner is...... Bailey from mustard ampersand!
 Thanks Bailey...and everyone else for entering! And thank you Chelsea for this great giveaway!
*Bailey- I will email you shortly!*

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