Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Please Dont Hate Me...

That's right. I won another giveaway!
This time from a fellow OC graduate!! You have to check out The Smartest and The Artist!

The Artist is sending me an awesome personalized notepad...with this little girl on it

HOW CUTE IS THIS?! Yep- thats me...with one of my personalized hangers! 
The Artist is an awesome...well artist!

A little more about her: The Artist is bride to be, new house owner, amazing graphic designer, and "Rules to Weddingland" expert.

I love what she writes on her first rule to weddingland. When you get engaged and are announcing it to someone else:
 "The girl is going to touch your hand, because she is a very small and caring piranha, who is highly attracted to all things sparkly. Extend your hand toward her, fingers first, so she won’t accidentally grab for your hand and hit you in the face or other awkward places. "

I have to admit....I'm awful about grabbing peoples hands to see thier ring. Next, ,someone is going to tell me not to touch a pregnant lady's belly (just kidding!)

Thanks Artist for the awesome giveaway!

Also, did you notice anything different??? That's right...Olivia got my new blog design all done!! Thanks for the awesome new look!! (Make sure to check her out, she has super reasonable prices on blog designs!) 



LOVE the new blog design! And what are you doing to win all these giveaways?! Jealous ;-)

Natalia Lynn

How do you keep winning!!! I try to enter as much as I can and no such luck! But hey, good for you! And I love the new look!

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