Thursday, April 28, 2011

Play it Cool

(if I had time to watch Westside Story right now- I would...and maybe even video myself dancing to "Cool")
Anyone else think their blog makes them look "cooler" than what they are?

You have no idea that before this picture was taken- I had only gotten out of bed twice in 5 hours of studying. Or that the 2 days before- I was wearing oversized tshirts and hadn't showered in a few days.
(some of you that know me are thinking- "no surprise there! I was wondering if she got "cooler" since she graduated or if she is still same ole no-makeup pony tail wearing Kitty!" ) 

Good thing that side of me only types- and doesn't take pictures!
Maybe I just destroyed my cred- or maybe you all are thinking "eh- never thought she was that cool"

But the gross- "havent gotten out of my room since 5pm because tomorrow's final is going to eat me" Kitty likes these pictures because it reminds me someday soon finals will all be over.
(Hang with me during finals- be expecting exciting and fun posts in LESS THAN A WEEK!)



Kitty, don't ever change! Also, I think you are great. GOOD LUCK ON FINALS!!!! You're SO close!


Good luck!! :D


Thanks for visiting my About Me page! My Shabby Apple dress just came in the mail. :) Hope your finals went well.

Brittany Elizabeth

I definitely think my blog shows the world that I am very un-cool. Ha! I love those photos! Where are you? So, so pretty! You and the trees! Good luck with the rest of your finals!

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