Thursday, March 31, 2011

Paint, Iron, Stamp

Proof of what a clearance on dollar section Target items can be with a little spray paint (marked from $2.50 to $1.25 each)

So fun right?

Also- Check out my cool new addition to my backpack!
Love the owl?- buy it for just $5 on my etsy!

I also picked up a metal stamping kit! I've decided to get into a whole different type of crafting!
I thought this would be fun- a cute gift for graduates, shower gift, or to put in your child's lunch for a little surprise! I've been selling them for just $2.00 on etsy!

On another note:

Some may be wondering- why make a resolution to stop buying clothes for a year? Well- here is a perfect example.
I opened my drawer yesterday to find a plain tshirt (because I had a problem of only buying solid color shirts) I decided it was a navy blue day.
And I found 3 navy blue GAP tshirt shirts. Whoops.
No, they aren't identical- and I could easily justify why I need all 3- but let's be real. I dont.
(I was frustrated by this- so I decided on a navy blue LONG sleeved GAP shirt instead.)
Did I mention I worked at GAP I'm basically a GAP-o-holic?

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A little help from my friends & {Headband Winner}

My sister just entroduced me to Heartsy! Basically- its groupon for etsy stores! Seeing as how I have an etsy- I'd LOVE to be considered for one of the stores! Here is where you come in- please vote? Click here and vote for me- and I'd be super happy!!

If you have an etsy- go sign up! (Here is my referral link) Tell me if you are applying to have your store on there- and I will be sure to vote for you as well!!

Enough groveling....On to the good stuff!

We've got a winner for the Headband/Earwarmer from Chelsea! (or as my best friend Alyssa likes to say "Winner Winner Chicken Dinner")

And our winner is...... Bailey from mustard ampersand!
 Thanks Bailey...and everyone else for entering! And thank you Chelsea for this great giveaway!
*Bailey- I will email you shortly!*

You can't pick your nose- but you can pick your classes!

It's that time of year....time to pick classes. Where do I even begin?!

Why the stress? Even though Oral Arguments are over (Can I just mention that only law school would change an 87 out of 100 to a C?!) there is still TONS to be done! As if I didnt have enough on my plate (finals looming, looking for summer jobs, oh and that little thing called homework) I know how to look into my future- where am I going to want to be in 2 years?

I could be a business lawyer, transactional lawyer, litigator....or no lawyer at all! The options- well they feel endless.

Why the trouble?
1- I still havent heard back from the MBA program. If I get into the joint program, that will change my class load a bit.
2- Summer class sign up is here, and I have no idea what my job will be- or what type of classes (MBA or law) I should be taking.
3- To graduate from law school, you need 90 hours. After this year I will have 33 hours. That means every semester I need about 15 to graduate. The problem- which 60 hours should I take?! We have 3 more required classes....and thats it! You're probably thinking- whats so hard about picking random classes? Well that leads me to my next point
4- Do I take classes that seem interesting? Classes that will be on the BAR exam? Do I even want to take the BAR? If I dont do the MBA program- should I try to graduate early? Do I take professors I like? What if I want to take a class- but its with a professor I dont prefer thier teaching style? How many classes can I reasonably manage with a basic 40 hours a week job? What if I can't even get a full time job?


On a good note- it is also the time of year when we get to purchase student tickets for Husker games! Woot Woot! Also- spring training game is in 2 weeks, and I found out students get in free. Let me just say, this whole state school thing has its perks!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Dress to...Longer Dress

Yet another $.97 dress purchase that was much too short for me. This time...I tried something different! It started as another short dress.

The camera angle makes it look longer than it me.
And transformed into a new dress!

I'd say for a first shot at this- it was a decent attempt! I am excited to try making another skirt from a tshirt. That's right- the skirt is a tshirt. An old college tshirt to be exact! Fairly easy- my one regret. Next time use a large. The medium was a little to "slinky" for my taste! (Honestly- my second regret is not brushing my hair before taking pictures)

Hopefully I'll be able to put up a tutorial for tshirt skirts- once I get the kinks worked out!

Also- check out my latest giveaway wins!
Thanks to Not Pink, but Purple for this awesome necklace

And The Artist for the paper pad she designed especially for me!

(you should totally go shop on my etsy- so I can send you a little note enclosed on one of these CUTE notes!)

Monday, March 28, 2011

3 years-Sappy Post

Let me be a little sappy…just today. (I promise not to be sappy again for another 3 years)
This week, Kevin and I got to celebrate 3 years of dating! I’ve told the story on here once (check here and here) of how we started dating my Sophomore year of college. Goodness, it seems like 3 years has been a long time. Probably not to a lot of you.... but to me it does!
A few of my favorite picts from the past few years:
Thanks Kevin- for a great last 3 years. (And thanks for putting up with me and my many cameras)
Its also been about a year since we’ve live in the same town. After graduation, We both moved out of Oklahoma: I went to school here in Nebraska, and he moved back to Colorado. So that's why even though our "3 year" is actually today, we had to celebrate last week while I was in Colorado for Spring Break.
Thanks for letting me be sappy :) I promise to go back to what I'm good at- crafting!!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

A few notes & {Winner!}

Have you noticed that since my new blog re-do....I've put a few more links on the top? I'd love to have more guest posts, sponsors and giveaways lined up! (especially with finals coming up....bleck!)

So for all you out there with a creative tutorial you'd like to share. Or are ready to promote your blog/store through a giveaway or by being a sponsor....go ahead and shoot me an email!

On that note- I also have a new Sponsor! Go check out Hope Love and a Melody for some great recipes! If you love looking at wedding photos (like I do!), go check out her "oh happy day" link to see one of the most gorgeous weddings I've ever seen!

Also- My etsy is more stocked than it has been in a long time! So with that..go shopping! Use the code GOSHOP to get 20% everything in my etsy (Crafts By A Law Student)

Time to announce the winner of the Me Making Do flower Headband!
According to it is Number 3

Rebecca from "My Girlish Whims" (I'll be emailing you shortly!)

Thanks to everyone for entering the giveaway, and thank you heather for the great headband!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Anthro meets Hob Lob and Urban

A little craft of the week!
I’ve been collecting nobs whenever I see fun ones on clearance. Here is an assortment from Anthropologie, Hobby Lobby and Urban Outfitters. I decided to make a little nob assortment to hang my “whatevers” on!
First- grab a board.

I picked on from Hobby Lobby on clearance for 2 bucks. I liked the size, that it already had a place to hang on the back (I did unscrew and move it to where I wanted it to hang) and this funny little shape that I noticed was screwed on (easy removal)
So I painted it, and mod podged some paper on top! Then, I needed dads help on this one. I wasn’t sure how to:
1. Cut the ends so they were so long
2. Make that little hold in the back so they don’t scrape the wall
3. Actually figure out what size and how to drill to get them in!
Basically- mod Podging was all I could figure out!
So dad showed me how to cut the ends of knobs
And drill the holes and also drill the holes in the back to screw the nuts on the back
Then I just screwed in the knobs and it worked great for necklaces!

Friday, March 25, 2011

The Drive & {Winner!}

 Driving is NOT my favorite. Especially not driving across the smelly cow infested part of nebraska (I love nebraska....but I do not love the smell of cows). So the Omaha/Lincoln to Denver not my favorite.

Of course getting to visit Kevin when I get there (and my friends being so good about letting me call them and talk while I drive) makes it much more worth it :) 

Notice my presets on my GPS- Kevins house, my house, and starbucks and Gap. You never know when you need a Starbucks or Gap around!
Thankfully I had my sister to ride back with me from Colorado! So she could drive...and I could crochet!

What a great roadtrip :) 

Spring break is almost over....but that doesnt stop me from getting excited to announce a giveaway winner! For the Mo Sews It bag....the winner is......
Number 31.....
Heatherow- I'll be emailing you today! Congrats!! And thanks to everyone for entering!

Free Cozies!

My your gain! Remember how I've been practicing my crocheting? Well, practicing means lots of cozies! I'm not to the point where my projects are perfect, so I dont want to sell them on etsy yet. But they are looking pretty darn good!

What am I getting at? If anyone wants one of these cozies, leave you email and which one you would like! All you have to pay is $2 in shipping (or if you live in the area of Omaha/Lincoln I can get it to you!) I'll email you to work out a paypal invoice of $2....and the cozy is yours!

(#5 is a bit larger- better for a grande/venti cup or a cold cup! )

So if anyone wants one....take your pick!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Crochet Day 2

The best part of crocheting....if you mess up, you just pull it out. Not like taking out a stitch...but really pull one side and the whole thing unravels. It makes messing up alot more fun then sewing!

A couple more of my latest projects!

And another headband! Good thing Kevin lives in a suburb of Denver, that way I crochet in the car on our way to places. He says he feels like he is dating a grandma...just for that, maybe I can make in a sweater for christmas (very grandma ish right?! lol)

I'm still dying to make a hat, or other easy flowers! Oh, or an apple cozy! If anyone has suggestions on super easy patterns (and can tell me how to read patters!) I'm up for trying anything!

Also, long story short- I'm picking up my sister from the airport here (she is flying in from a trip to Australia) so I plan on letting her drive, and crocheting the whole way home from Colorado so get ready for more later this week!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Crochet Day Number 1

First day of learning to crochet- sucesss!! Thanks to Kevin's mom for teaching me the basics! Now I've just got to learn to practice! I will gets more fun as the day goes on! I may have thrown it down a time or two in frustration.

Just a few cozies, and headbands...but maybe I'll move on to bigger and better projects! (no blankets...goodness no, but maybe a hat or something!)

Monday, March 21, 2011


Did you see I now have 200 followers?! I'm so excited! Just a couple weeks ago I hit 100, so I'm pretty excited to have so many followers so quickly....Thanks everyone!!! When I am done with the giveaways I have lined expecting one from yours truly to thank you all for being such great followers!
A little crafting update!
Kevin and I are enjoying time together and while he plays with his new adobe programs, I get time to craft! My newest projects are fabric appliques!

Cute right? The newest project in my etsy shop! Be looking out for more fun designs to come!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring Break Update and {Earring Winner}

Ah the joys of not studying for a few days! Colorado has been great, and after a little guilt trip, I got Kevin to let me practice with my new lens! It would be better if I didnt have to set up all my own pictures, but I just cant help snapping a few of the two of us!

So far break has been great! I got to spend time with his family...alot of family actually. Craft a bit (more posts to come!) and hopefully by the end I will have learned how to crochet!

And Now....Drum roll please....time to announce the winner of the DIY Kind Girl Giveaway!

 #1 Katyjo! Congrats Katyjo :)

Thanks again everyone for entering....and thank you heather for the awesome giveaway!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Bib necklace/headband

Is it a necklace....or a headband? Well I'm not sure yet....but I love it!

Very simple to make! Just a few yo yo's, a ribbon and thread! Once again, I wont post a tutorial but if you have any questions about making your own...I'm always happy to answer them!

Etsy Peeves

Did I mention I am on Spring Break this week?? (In other words...I'll be blogging in Denver this week instead of Lincoln!) It could not have come at a better time!!! The only bad news in knowing that when I get back, there are only 4 weeks of classes til finals. The good news- my first year of law school will be over very soon (but expect a number of stress enduced breakdowns before the celebrating)

Other good news- My oral argument is over!!! Finished! The end. I'm pretty thrilled.
On another note:
Etsy is amazing, so don’t think that I don’t love being a shop owner. But allow me to give you a few tips on what not to say to your shop owner in a message:
1.       Can you make it extra____ (if it is a reasonable request, that is fine! But when you say “can you make that look extra legible” or “extra nice” or “extra___” ) It makes it assume you think our product isn’t good enough, or that we do substandard work. We always make it our best.
2.       “I need___ and priority shipped tomorrow” –Be nice! We aren’t your servants. Ask politely, it is unreasonable to assume I can personalize something for you and send it priority the next day. But I always try to accommodate!
3.       Don’t assume we don’t know what we are doing. If there is something wrong with the total in the checkout, ask if we know what is wrong. (don’t assume it is the owner) It is highly likely there is something else in your cart that you forgot to take out. Don’t attack the shop owner
4.       Start off by saying something nice. Either “Hi” or “I love your product” it makes us feel good, and we are more accommodating
5.       “I ordered my package a long time ago, when will it get here?” ---That is perfectly okay to ask, if it really WAS a long time ago. I received a message like this, that was ordered on a Thursday night, I personalized it on Friday, sent it out on Saturday…and I got this message on Monday. I had to reminder her there was no post on Sundays, and packages take a few days.
6.       If you are a first time buyer…don’t feel like you are the only one! Its okay to ask questions about how etsy works. I love walking people through the process!
7.       Don’t forget to give feedback- positive feedback and personal notes is what we live for! However, if there is a problem, message us first to get it fixed!
I feel like these would be fairly common sense…but apparently I was wrong!

(I hope no one is afraid to order from me now!!! haha)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Camera bag of my dreams+ {New Sponsor Discount}

No…I don’t have a million dollars. But if I did, the first thing I would buy is a cute camera bag. All I want, is a normal looking/purse bag. One that doesn’t look like a nerdy “hey check out this equipment bag”
I tried making one a while back- and feel like I cut too many corners for it to be something I want to haul a few hundred dollars of stuff in.
But I also cant justify spending $200 on a bag…when I could be getting another lens for that.
If anyone has a good solution- or is dying to sew me up some camera bag inserts for a purse…I would be eternally grateful.
But until then, Allow me to show you a few of my most coveted camera bags.

By Jill-e
By Epiphanie

Enough day dreaming for today!

Also- Have you checked out my newest sponsor? Helen and Lindi from Bettencourt Chase just decided to be a sponsor! They take absolutely GORGEOUS pictures...and have an awesome looking etsy!  Be paying attention for a giveaway from Operation Petticoat next month!

But until then, go shopping and use the discount CRAFTLOVE for 10% off your entire order!
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