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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

You can't pick your nose- but you can pick your classes!

It's that time of year....time to pick classes. Where do I even begin?!

Why the stress? Even though Oral Arguments are over (Can I just mention that only law school would change an 87 out of 100 to a C?!) there is still TONS to be done! As if I didnt have enough on my plate (finals looming, looking for summer jobs, oh and that little thing called homework) I know how to look into my future- where am I going to want to be in 2 years?

I could be a business lawyer, transactional lawyer, litigator....or no lawyer at all! The options- well they feel endless.

Why the trouble?
1- I still havent heard back from the MBA program. If I get into the joint program, that will change my class load a bit.
2- Summer class sign up is here, and I have no idea what my job will be- or what type of classes (MBA or law) I should be taking.
3- To graduate from law school, you need 90 hours. After this year I will have 33 hours. That means every semester I need about 15 to graduate. The problem- which 60 hours should I take?! We have 3 more required classes....and thats it! You're probably thinking- whats so hard about picking random classes? Well that leads me to my next point
4- Do I take classes that seem interesting? Classes that will be on the BAR exam? Do I even want to take the BAR? If I dont do the MBA program- should I try to graduate early? Do I take professors I like? What if I want to take a class- but its with a professor I dont prefer thier teaching style? How many classes can I reasonably manage with a basic 40 hours a week job? What if I can't even get a full time job?


On a good note- it is also the time of year when we get to purchase student tickets for Husker games! Woot Woot! Also- spring training game is in 2 weeks, and I found out students get in free. Let me just say, this whole state school thing has its perks!