Saturday, April 30, 2011

Burlap crafts+ {Necklace Winner!!}

First- I found this AMAZING lady who sold me burlap sacks!

I have no idea what to do with them yet- but I'm super excited. So here is where I need some help- what sorts of crafts could I do with these? I'd love for comments with suggestions, link-ups, everything! I really would love ideas!

I'm pretty excited about these!

Now for the necklace winner!!

Oh my goodness- you all (or as the Oklahomans I spent the last 4 years with would say Ya'll) are so much fun! I had a FABULOUS response for the 300 follower etsy necklace giveaway!! And I CANT WAIT to announce the winner!!

let me also say- far too many of you wanted 300 dollar bills...boring! And I thought you were creative bloggers/blog readers??

The randomly selected ( winner of my etsy necklace giveaways is.....
Brittany from Mote on A Boat
who said...

I wish I had 300 days to devote to traveling!

Thanks to everyone who entered- that was more than I EVER expected!
I'm working hard to line up some more awesome giveaways soon!
Brittany- shoot me an email here!
Even if you didn't win! You can still purchase the necklace for under $10 in my etsy!

Feel free to link up your burlap crafts, or comment with suggestions! I'm completely open to ideas!

Friday, April 29, 2011

It's friday friday...

I know its over done- but this video still is hilarious to me

Finished yet another final- only two more to go!!
 I had a little surprise today after my final! I won a giveaway (I'll tell you all about it when I get it!!! You know how I love to take photos of myself wearing new things!)
Here is a hint....Its from this etsy store!

AND Ginger talked about me today on her fab friday post about my "FAMILY" photos I sent to her on WhoopdWhoop! Check it out!
I also got my new camera lens in the mail!

JUST KIDDING- its a MUG! how cool is that?!
I had been checking them out for a while, but they were SUPER expensive. Then a friend posted that she found one for $9! Amazing. Let me just say- AWESOME gift for any photographer! (or a great guy gift if you ask me! Right in time for...mothers day? Shoot.) Click here if you want one! Seriously- they look so awesome. I was afraid it would be super cheapy- and I mean, it is a plastic mug- but its SO COOL and looks pretty authentic to me!

Oh AND I'm working on lining up a new themed giveaway month- I'll give you some hints on what the theme will be shop owners that have to do with these hints:

-love cows (to eat them of course)
- there is not a place like this place
-The good life
more specifically:
-Its my "Home-aha"

Figure it out? If not- you'll just have to wait!

Dont forget- last night to enter the necklace giveaway! I'll pick a winner in the morning! And I have the ad space giveaway going on too!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Play it Cool

(if I had time to watch Westside Story right now- I would...and maybe even video myself dancing to "Cool")
Anyone else think their blog makes them look "cooler" than what they are?

You have no idea that before this picture was taken- I had only gotten out of bed twice in 5 hours of studying. Or that the 2 days before- I was wearing oversized tshirts and hadn't showered in a few days.
(some of you that know me are thinking- "no surprise there! I was wondering if she got "cooler" since she graduated or if she is still same ole no-makeup pony tail wearing Kitty!" ) 

Good thing that side of me only types- and doesn't take pictures!
Maybe I just destroyed my cred- or maybe you all are thinking "eh- never thought she was that cool"

But the gross- "havent gotten out of my room since 5pm because tomorrow's final is going to eat me" Kitty likes these pictures because it reminds me someday soon finals will all be over.
(Hang with me during finals- be expecting exciting and fun posts in LESS THAN A WEEK!)

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Two Down, Three to Go

Just finished my second final today- yay! Three more to go (boo!)
What do I have to show for it? A neck cramp from my 3 1/2 hour essay today, and 2 classes worth of books stacked up by my trash can (dont worry- I wont throw most away- I'll try to resell, its just to give me a sense of accomplishment)

I also got my new fish hotel in the mail!!! I'm going to get a fish!!!
I'm a sucker for anything "umbra" so of course I decided that since I like the hotel/bowl then I should probably  get a fish to go with it! Be looking out for my cool new fish (once I pick one out!)

Sorry not more exciting right now- I'm working on a new giveaway soon! So keep a look-out!

Oh and on that note- for you SUPER DEVOTED readers that really want to win my necklace giveaway- Go ahead and go back to the giveaway I have going on- and get another entry by posting a motivational comment to help me get through this next week of finals! (A simple "you can do it!" is just what I need!)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

About Me-Link Up

A few days ago I edited my "About Me" page. Why?- Well because I read a friend's, and a few others...and I loved what I learned.

There is a blogger I went to school with- that after I read her about me- I couldn't believe I didn't know ANY of that. I had no idea how she ended up a Christian school, or what she had gone through.

And I couldn't believe I knew so little about somone I felt like I knew! Which brings me to all of you that I haven't met! I know so very little!

So what I would love for you to do- if you have an "about me" (or similar) page- link it up! If not- just tell me a little about yourself. I'm interested!

If you dont want to take the time to do that- I'm atleast curious where my readers are from! So check out my little survey off to the right - and tell me where you're from!

A few little clips from my own "About Me" page

"For this part of my life, my motto is from the Cheshire Cat-"if you dont know where you're going, any road will take you there"
That is how I ended up here at law school."

"My favorite place is an airport, alone."

"if you have a ring on, and I've met you- I've probably analyzed your rock. "

"I know that God has a plan for my life"
I am a..."Lactose Intolerant Ice Cream Eater"

So feel free to check out the rest of my little About Me page- but more importanlty- link up you own about me page! It will give you an excuse to update it :) Or simply leave a comment telling me a bit about yourself!

Sew Easy- Kitty Can Sew It- Coffee Cozy

Get it??  SEW easy?! I crack myself up. (sorry- all this studying makes me loopy!)

Well one test down- and 4 more to go until I'm done! I got a bit frustrated at this last one- so I decided I would go back to what I care about- crafts. I was making coffee cozies for a while last semester- and then stopped. I think I got a little burnt out. Well, fret no more- they have returned!

Care to learn? I'm not kidding when I say its easy!

A starbucks (or generic) sleeve for a pattern
fabric- if you want the inside different from the outside- then two different patterned fabric
Batting- I use some sorta of heat resistant batting from Hobby lobby. It is in the monster rolls- and every time I ask the lady which kind to use! Whoops! I suppose felt could work? But you dont want to burn your little fingers!
A button
Elastic- You could use a hair tye- but I purchased some skinny black elastic that has lasted me FOREVER. I also used it for my ruffle necklace way back when
And a needle/thread!

Alright- go ahead and open up your cozy, and cut the 3 layers (inside, middle outside) by cutting around the cozy- leave 1/2 inch ish all the way around so you can sew and flip and it wont be too small. As you can see- I only actually cut the middle piece to size- the others I just chop it off. You only need one to use as a pattern.

If you're using a sewing machine (smart move!) then you shouldn't need to do this step. The elastic needs extra stitches to make sure it doesn't slip out. So take ONE of your fabric pieces (I always use the inside) and your batting. Line them up. Then stitch your elastic (about 2-3 inches of elastic) with the two ends lined up with the ends of your fabric. Make sure the elastic is being stitched to your fabric side, not the batting side. If the fabric you are stitching to has a front and back side. Make sure it is RIGHT side UP!

Just a few different views on sewing on the elastic
Then place your second piece of fabric RIGHT side DOWN (so the two right sides are facing each other)
Sew all the way around- but leave a couple of inches near the bottom to flip.
Trim the extra- and flip!

Then sew up the rest like you would a pillow (just learned this stitch this year- I've taught myself how to sew- and this one my grandma had to teach me!)

Then put your button on!

Ta-dah! you've got yourself a nice little cozy!

And now back to studying for Civil Procedure. Bleck. All-time WORST class. Well, criminal law scares me more (I hate reading those cases about murder and rape) but Civil Procedure is super confusing.

*Dont forget to enter the necklace giveaway here*

Monday, April 25, 2011

Silhouette Project

About to walk into my property final, and of course I feel a blog post is necessary first! :)

Never thought I'd be posting a Silhouette project! Sadly, I still don't actually have a Silhouette- BUT I did win a giveaway for a silhouette car decal of a family!

Why does this matter? Well I entered not because I am a mom, who has a family van, to put the decal on (Not making fun of you out there that do this. But I think it would just confuse people if I had the family of 4 decals on my car)

Instead I entered for this little project!

I thought it was pretty cute! I took a frame, painted it white, and framed a piece of fabric. Then I used 2 of the decals on the front of the glass. I thought it made a cute little couple picture! Plus- I could change it out with an actual photo- and still have the decals on it for a fun decoration!

Just a little 5 minute craft since I havent been able to craft with finals!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy? Easter

Happy Easter from the study room in the law library where I have spent my entire afternoon

Lets hope my "Acing Property" books actually helps me Ace Property!

Finals start tomorrow- wish me luck :)

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Earth Day Bag

Did you know you all are the best/worst readers ever?! I mean- you're all awesome, dont get me wrong, but the comments on my "forbidden love" dress were amazing. Almost all the comments were "you deserve it, buy it!" haha How can I say no to that?! I even got texts telling me to purchase the dress :) Even though you all knew I was trying not to buy clothes- you little devils.
Sadly- I did have to say no to the dress.(unlike my favorite wedding dress show!)  I loved it, but in the end, its just a dress and I'd love to be able to get through the year doing this! But THANK YOU for all of the kind words!

Now on to my new bag (which is pre-purchased. So no talking me in/out of this one!)

Tis the season to celebrate the earth! So allow me to show you how EXCITED I am for my new biking messenger bag!

Back in the fall, before school started, the school asked me to shell out over $400 for a parking permit. The option was $400 some for 9 months, or like $500 for year round. Obviously I went for the 9 month permit...because I was pretty sure I wouldn't stick around for the whole year after September (Surprise! boy was I wrong)

My permit expires in a month. So instead of buying a new one- I'm doing what I haven't done before- biking to school all summer! Well that is the plan! I decided it was time for me to invest in a bag. Well by invest- I mean buy a sweet looking used bag off ebay for $5 when they are selling for like $70 new.

Yep- thats me pretending to ride my invisible bike (getting the bike out for the picture was going to be MUCH too complicated for what I wanted to put into taking this photo) So here is my contribution to the earth (and my wallet).

Also-In real life- this bag is going to be full of textbooks!

New Campus+ {winner!}

Last week I had to venture onto my "new" campus. Now that I go to a big-time state school- I'm not used to the HUGE campuses! I've been on East campus (the campus no one knows exists unless perhaps you go to the Dairy Store) My campus is small (well bigger then my undegrad- but small for a state school) and is for grad students mostly, agriculture kids, denistry and teachers.

The business students are on the main campus (with the football stadium). So whenever I go- I feel like the little lost puppy wandering around the big city.

I did try to snap some quick shots on my phone without looking like I didn't belong with all the kids who walk there everyday! This summer I'll start taking classes here! Yipes! I'm pretty excited!

And now the winner of the Operation Petticoat Earring Giveaway!!!!

We have--
KLM 23

I really like the owl dangle earrings in the operation petticoat store! they're super cute, and I'm obsessed with owl stuff.
CONGRATS! I'll be emailing you shortly! Thanks everyone for entering- and thank you Operation Petticoat for the awesome giveaway!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Tonight, I fell in love

That's right- I fell in love. I feel like singing the hercules song
"If there's a prize for wrotten judgment- I guess I've already won that..."
(which by the way- totally my absolute favorite disney song)

I broke my number one rule. Dont try it on- if you can't buy it.

Tonight I ran over to Barnes and Nobles, and somehow stumbled into Banana Republic. I found the most perfect dress of all time. If it werent for the sales lady- who was amazing at talking me into trying it on....I wouldnt have even thought about it.

I seriously NEVER try something on if I can't buy it. I dont remember the last time I've ever done this. And this is why.

Ignore the tongue sticking out. And no- I don't normally photograph clothes- just when I'm texting it for a 2nd opinion
We have a $150 dress- on sale for $85. Which is an extra 40% off. And an additional 10% because the little tacked piece had broken from the front (a one stitch fix to close that right up) AND I had a $20 off reward from my gap credit card.
That made it about $25.

Also- it was a hat day- so ignore the hair as well
And I couldn't do it. I couldn't break my resolution to not purchase clothes. This picture does not do it justice. But it was the most gorgeous dress ever- a pale pink, with woven straps (that were thick and hid your undergarmet straps) fit PERFECT- not to mention it was a size smaller than I normally wear (so it makes you feel extra pretty!) .

I did put it on hold- I just couldn't walk away. A second thing I NEVER do. I never put anything on hold. If I can't bring myself to buy it then- I know I shouldn't buy it.

I just had to share my forbidden love with you all.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Wheatgrass Shots & Business Cards+Surprise!

Remember when I talked about my wheatgrass? Well it got really long... I cut it....

....Juiced it and drank it!

And then washed it down with some cranberry juice.

What I learned was- it makes your house smell AWFUL. Like someone mowed the lawn into your face.
However it did make a great place to take a photo for these..... I got my new business cards in the mail!!!! HOW EXCITING!!

Want this card for yoursef? Click HERE for a custom made PDF just for you from our etsy- Only $7

Because I CANT WAIT to start sending them with my orders- the first person to comment on this- gets free shipping on my etsy! Just comment and I'll send you a code for it!


I have one, 30 minute joy in my entire week. Every Thursday at 7:00 my grandmother and I run (well I run- she carefully walks) downstairs, grab the remote and we watch The Big Bang Theory. Ah the joys of watching the socially awkward attempt to deal with everyday issues!
If you havent watched- give it a try. Hilarious!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Glass Magnets

This week I saw this great glass magnet tutorial over here at Two Girls Being Crafty - and I remembered doing these a while back in my freshman year of college, but theirs looked so cute that I decided to give it a try- (but with a few minor changes)

Instead I bought the little glass "gems" (as the dollar store calls it) They are about the size of a penny, are used for fishbowls and wedding centerpieces (seriously- I have no idea what else they are used for but the dollar store has an entire section for them)  and come in pack of a million. (actually they dont tell me how many are in there- but there are PLENTY)

I grabbed some scrapbooking paper- and a pen and started writing out words on the paper before mod podging them to the gems.

Fun right? Its hard to take pictures without the glare- but they look great!  I also thought it would make an AWESOME project for the fridge as a calendar (you know- 1 thru 31 and rearrange them for the months!) But I decided to wait on that one until  I have a bit more time.

Because I used smaller gems- they stay great with the sticky magnet strip I've had from a previous project (purchase it at any craft store- you wont even begin to use the entire roll!)

So the entire project cost me $1.07 (with tax) and I still have a million minus 12 gems left!

So there we have it! For the original tutorial from Two Girls Being Crafty- click here!

Also- feel free to keep linking on yesterdays link-up. Its open until tomorrow night- and I'd love to see more of your favorites from your own projects!!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

{Link Up} Your favorites!

Since finals are coming up and I don't have as much time to craft- I wanted to try a link up! I'd LOVE to see all of your favorite crafts, tutorial, recipes, home makeovers- everything! I will have 4 WHOLE WEEKS of no classes coming up in May- and I want to have a whole list of all kinds of new things to try!

So here is where you come in! Link-Up a few of your favorite things you've done on your blog recently! Anything that you think I (and my other readers) would LOVE to try!

Simple as that! I'm looking forward to all your AWESOME projects! For every one of them I try- I'll make sure to post (and give you credit of course!)

Before & After

First time getting foils in my hair (I also learned "foil" really meant the same foil you use to wrap up your leftover turkey in...not just a slang term)

So I went from Sunday looking like this:

To last night like this:

And today like this:
Took this on my phone while running out the door to school, sorry!
Nothing drastic- but just enough to make it look nice and pretty for my friend's wedding in a few weeks! Also- no one warned me this process takes multiple hours!!! what?!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Go Green!

Women in my family love flowers and plants. However, I managed NOT to inherit the green thumb. Well I can't say I've tried much, the only thing I've tried to grow was a venus fly trap this year (which molded) and columbine flowers on the balcony of my apartment (which I was later informed was not the season, and also molded).
So when I decided to grow wheatgrass last week- I didn't have high hopes. Speaking of "high" check out how high my wheatgrass is!

You're probably thinking "you're excited to grow grass?!" Yes. I am. So don't rain on my parade!

When I first googled how to grow wheatgrass- the site told me about how a lady that had been growing plants all her life- tried wheatgrass and it took her months to get the hang of it. Therefore, I was less than inspired.

But thanks to this AWESOME blog post at Keep It Simple, Sister about wheatgrass centerpieces....I learned:
1. I didn't have to buy a tray to plant it in
2. I didn't have to buy soil
3. And it was SO EASY!

I purchased some seeds. Decided to uses the top of an old-school tupperware container that had ridges (so the water wouldn't sit and all the other times!) and just a few paper towels and I was good to go!

Oh, allow me to also mention. Don't set wet things on wood tables. Yes, I did ruin my grandmothers wood table because I didn't know coasters were not just for decoration. If there is a secret trick to fixing that- I would LOVE to know.

On the topic of green- did you see my newest etsy addition? My light bulb burnt out today- and I just HAD to try this!!

So fun right?! New favorite project!!!

Very easy- grab some pliers- and be VERY careful! Do it over a trashcan (outside....NOT over your bed. whoops) basically rip, smash, and dump the inards out- and you are good to go!
**due to popular request- full tutorial coming soon (next time a bulb burns out!) **

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Roset Magnets

I made a few roset magnets this week

Just a fun little project to keep me from studying! Nothing hard- just twist the fabric around the knot like you would any other roset (if you've never done this- I can explain!) and glue it to a super strength magnet!

Also, Another goal for the summer- is to build up my portfolio and work on photography! I would love to start doing amateur work! (especially now that I have my 50 mm lens!)

So here is my new start to photography! I made a page on facebook here-
Kitty Vogt Photography 
Its nothing much- but its a start! So feel free to go check it out!

And now back to my final. We have a take home final which accounts for 50% of our criminal law grade. Sadly- take home finals arent any easier.
You know where I am supposed to be today? With all the other UNL students that get in free to the
Huskers Spring Game. Yep, I'm pouting today.
But enough chit chat- back to law!

Friday, April 15, 2011

New Etsy Partner! + Etsy Discount!

For a while, Kevin (the bf) and I have been talking about starting a business together some day. Well what better way than to be partners in an etsy store! Crafts From A Law with Art From A Designer!

Kevin had his first sale this week- an awesome place holder names for a wedding. Custom made for just $15! Just something to keep in mind! (he custom makes what you want- sends the pdf and you can print it however you'd like!)

He now sells the design he made for my new etsy business cards!

He made this great print! Just $5 for the pdf! A fun gift for any occasion!
Remember that wedding I am MOH for in May? Well he also made her invites and will personalize them for you as well!
Just a fun few additions to our new store! Be looking out for more!
He loves custom orders- so if  you have anything in mind that you need done- he is the one to go to!
To kick off the great new business partner (Boy am I lucky! He is cute AND talented!) feel free to check out anything in our etsy and use the code NEWLOOK for 10% off!! 
Click on our new banner to check out the store!

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