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Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Naive Law Student

Photobucket and I have been exchanging emails about why my pro account isnt working- so you may or may not be able to see this little cartoon!
Apparently I've been completely naive to think that by taking summer classes- I would still have periodic breaks. How was I supposed to know that even though business summer classes are 3 hours a day, 2 days a week....that law school classes are 2 hours a day, but 5 days a week?

Goodness- was not expecting that.

So I made a hard decision. I decided NOT to take one of the classes I was planning. Simply because that will allow me 4 weeks of summer break before starting back to classes until my next break...winter break. I use "4 weeks of break" loosely- since I will probably be working.

There are 2 sessions of classes in the summer, and I decided to take one business and on law class each session. 4 classes this summer which comes to 12 credits. I figure that will help with my goal of graduating in 3 years. Well- actually 2 years from May...gulp.

For business I've got: Economics and Finance
And Law:  Advanced Torts and Con Law II

My goals for this summer:
1. Pass (and get decent grades) this summer in all classes
2. Get to visit my college friend, Alyssa, in Portland
3. See Kevin a few times
4. Do well at my job
5. Attend all summer weddings
6. Not go crazy. (thats a big one!)

I'm also setting up my fall semester...and guess what! It looks like if I stick with 4 classes for the next 2 summers, and 5 classes during the school year...I can ACTUALLY graduate on time. ALSO- I got offered a sweet summer/fall job as a student rep for a reasearch site (Lexis). Shesh- lets hope everything goes as planned!