Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Paint Chip Features

I just had to share a few of these great paint chip crafts I've seen lately!

Heart Garland- love this!

Paint Chip Clock- I need one of these!

Paint chip moving cards- great idea for anything you want to be able to hand out!

Loooveee paint chip art!

Cute paint chip book idea

Just a few features! I think I'll stop by the paint stores to grab a few of these for crafting soon!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Bit by a chipmunk

So far in Estes, I've learned if you feed a chipmunk

You get bit. Apparently my finger looked a little too tasty

Our hikes have been great!

And Kevin even visited for the day!!
Hope you're all enjoying the holiday weekend!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Vinyl Record Fortune Cookies

Vinyl Records Crafts are some of my favorite!
1. They are cheap
2. The possibilities are endless
3. Everything looks cooler made from a vinyl record
4. If you mess up, you just melt it again!

From my past crafts, and gracious donations from a friend- I've acquired more records than I know what to do with. I've made bookends, bowls, shelves, books, card and picture holders- practically everything I can think of! Then while playing on etsy- I saw a vinyl record fortune cookie. Of course- I had to try it!

1. Vinyl Record. Easy to find at thrift stores! Don't buy them unless they are $1 or less- you can always find them somewhere for under a dollar!
2. Scissors
3. A cupcake tin is recommended
4. Oven mitts- unless you don't want to feel your fingers, or have finger prints for a week.
5. Pencil and something to draw a circle recommended

My first regret- not drawing a circle first. I thought I would just "wing it" but found if I had drawn a circle on the records in pencil first- they would turn out better. The circle should be as large as you can make it, fitting one side of the record. Like this:

Okay, once you've drawn circles around your record- turn on your oven to about 180 F. Then place your record in the oven.

Once the record starts to wave a bit (the edges get "wavy") its ready! I've found there are thicker records, and thinner records. Some don't "wave" but if you wait about 7 minutes, then put your oven mitt on, and pick up the edge of the record, and find it is limp- then it is ready!

Pull the record out, and work fast. I don't use an oven mitt for this part. I like using my hands, but I wouldn't suggest that. Grab your scissors and cut out the circle. If it starts to get too hard to cut- no worries- just stick it back in for a few minutes until it gets soft again.

Once you have the first circle cut, stick them both in again. That way the record is getting soft again to cut out another circle, and the circle is getting soft again to bend.

Now once both the pieces are soft again, you want to bend your cookie! There are 2 bends in a cookie. Fold it in half (don't crease, it should be a light fold, just enough for the edges of the circle to touch)
For the 2nd fold, place your finger where the fold and bend the two ends of the circle together. (This is one of those steps that if you've never made a fortune cookie before, it takes a second to think about how it looks. Just look at the picture for a minute to figure it out!)

The two folds need to be done fast, before it gets hard. The cupcake tin is there to help it hold the shape while it cools. If it doesn't look like you want- all you need to do is stick it back into the oven! It will soften up, and you can refold it!


I made about 5 fortune cookies per record. If you drew the circles on, you could probably fit 6 pretty easily!
And thats it! Now just figure out what to do with them....whoops! But I thought they were pretty neat!

If anyone else has great vinyl record crafts - I'd love to hear about them!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Cute Recycled Packaging Guest Post!

I'm so excited to have Ashley posting today about this amazing packaging tutorial. Ashley is my "go-to" person for the lovely hats you've seen me wearing. (I have one in red as well- but apparently no photos as yet?)

Well when I ordered the hats from Ashley through whoopdwhoop, she sent them in the coolest envelope! Of course I attacked her and requested she share a tutorial of how she created them! So without any more chatter from me! Here is Ashley!


Hi everyone! I was so flattered that Kitty asked me to write this tutorial. I whipped up one of these envelopes to ship my swap with Kitty on Whoopdwhoop. I wanted a unique handmade way to package my crafts, and I've seen these types of envelopes elsewhere on the web, including on Etsy where some sellers have them available for purchase. It looks great and can be made out of recycled materials.

Materials needed:
Paper bag or brown packaging paper
Plastic grocery bag
Packing tape
Rubber stamps and ink (optional)
Tools needed:
Sewing machine

First, if you are using a paper bag, cut off the bottom and along one of the side panel creases.

You now have a long rectangle. If using packaging paper, simple cut out a long rectangle. You want to have enough space for what you are shipping times two lengthwise plus a couple of inches for the flap.

Next, fold the bag so that you have a couple of inches left for a flap.
Take the plastic bag and cut along the bottom seam and at the top under the handles so that you are left with a sort of cylinder.
Then, cut along one of the side seams so that you have a long rectangle.

Now, place the plastic bag on top of the paper bag. The plastic should overlap the paper. If you need to, you can tape two plastic bags together. I went ahead and trimmed the excess at the top.

Next, fold the paper bag where you did before. Then, sew along the edges of the envelope.

 I used a special stitch on my machine that is like a double zig zag. I think a regular zig zag would work as well.
Now, trim the excess
If you want, you can add some flare with a rubber stamp.

Voila! You're done! You now have a unique and inexpensive way to ship your crafts. Thanks for letting me share with you! You can visit me at my blog: ashley-the-newbie.blogspot.com.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Bling Bling DIY Ring

I saw this great little DIY ring tutorial over on craftgawker this week and decided to really run with it.

Super easy- fast- cheap- all the elements of my favorite types of crafts. Oh- and no matter how I tried, I couldn't mess this up.

18 gage wire. I found this at Michaels for about $3? I used a coupon (because I'm cheap!) So I can't remember exactly. I was looking for sterling silver wire- but haven't found any yet!
A pair of pliers. They don't have to be jewelry pliers, or high tech ones. Just simple pliers!
Something round about the size of the ring you want. The tutorial used chapstick- but the chapstick I use is itty bitty.  So I went with my parents' reading glasses case (Yep- just called them out on being old, and using reading glasses)

My first ring- I used the tutorial.  But I thought the single band made my finger look fat. So I went from there To make a second and third ring. One with 3 bands, and one with 2.

(SORRY FOR THESE PICTURES- I wasn't paying attention when I took them so they are fuzzy!)

First- wrap the wire around the circle as many times as you want the band to be wide. Then add one more wrap. (for the 3 band, wrap it 4 times for example) Then trim it.

Take an end, and make a loop upwards leaving a portion of the wire sticking out to work with.

Take the other end, and stick it through the loop from the backside (the wire should be sticking away from the ring, not in towards the middle of the band) If you are making more than one band. Make sure to wrap the wire around all of the bands now to hold them all together.

If you find out in the end the bands are not all connected- thats okay. My 2nd ring was like that. I just took a small piece near the end and wrapped the wires together with it. It was this ring on my ring finger

Now circle the two ends around each other as you see fit. You can do it once, trim the extra and tuck the ends in. The one on my pointer finger I wrapped twice.

This once I wrapped a few times but made it "flatter" instead of wrapping it upwards, I wrapped it flat around.

Get creative! The reason I dont have great instructions, is I just started bending it and unbending how I liked it! Its pretty easy! I thought they were fun little rings though :)

Laptop Shopping

Its that time. Time to say goodbye to my 5 year old laptop (which I named lovingly named Colonel Brandon) I've been pretty hard on this sucker. From the scratched off letters and mousepad, to the crack in the back, and the screen that I swear is going to be in two pieces next time I open it.

When it was new

The missing letters this morning
My fear is that one day I will go to start homework, or a paper, and my laptop wont turn on, and that week of work will be forever lost. And if that day ever comes, I will probably drop out of law school all together because I will have had a heart attack and will never be the same.

Because the next two weeks will be my only time off until Christmas, I decided there is no better time than now.

Does anyone have any laptop suggestions?
1. I'm too cheap for a Mac (that's right. I said it)
2. And I've loved my Dell- so I'm sort of stuck on those.
3. I don't like netbooks,
4. And a 17 inch screen is way to large.
5. I'm VERY hard on laptops, Durability is a must.
Thats about as far as I've gotten on my wish list.

I've been looking at Dell Inspirons- anyone have any opinions or own one? Just thought I'd throw that out there to get a little feedback! Or does anyone else LOVE their laptop and suggest I buy one like yours?

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Grandparents 60th

This weekend, we took a getaway to Nebraska City to spend the weekend with my Grandparents for their 60th wedding anniversary. We came frrom all over: Nevada, Minnesota, Michigan, and of course Nebraska.
Family pictures were a must, and I got the honors of setting up the tri-pod for a few of these
We also got to celebrate my sisters's 25th birthday

We stayed at a lovely lodge, and got to enjoy time with the cousins, hiking and enjoying the weather.
A great weekend all together! Only two weeks left of summer break for me- so get ready for a ton of crafts and enjoying the next 14 days to the fullest.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Cigar Box Printable

I recieved the most gorgeous giveaway item in the mail yesterday (but I'll be talking about that later!!) but one of my favorite parts- was the box it came in! Obviously I had to email and ask how she made it.

Check out this printable. It is amazing! She took a gorgeous antique cigar box, scanned in the entire thing, and made a printable!
Precious! She walks you through all of the steps- and it turns out amazing!!

I cant wait to start making a million of these!

Check out other printables from Just Something I Made...like this birdhouse!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Frame Upcycle

Incase you missed my guest post over at Fancy Little Things! I thought I'd go ahead and post it here as well!
I may have alluded to this craft before- but never really explored the versatility of it!
I love the idea of upcycled frames- so here is a fun one! The great part is- You can do whatever you want with it!

Here we have an old frame. After a coat of black paint- it looks good as new!

Here comes the fun part- grab paper in different colors- and think of all the fun backgrounds for a dry erase board! Get creative!!

Here we have a bedside "To Do" list

Remember Wooly Willy? ( the magnet shavings man??) A fun project for kids to draw on! Pre- framed and ready for displaying their newest art piece!

(Yes a 23 year old did draw this picture. yet another reason I was not an art major)

And here is how it usually sits next to my bed. I like to put inspirational quotes on it! Its a great reminder for me when I pop stumble out of bed in the morning
So much fun right?! I'm sure you all can get much more creative then I can!! I'd love to hear all of your creative ideas!
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