Sunday, July 31, 2011

Feature Favs #4

I've seen so many great things that I love lately- Just wanted to put up a few other great features!

Sewing messages into bindings This is going on the list of things I need to try!

I'm dying to try one of these sidewalk chalk photoshoots!

DIY envelope liners- with printables included!

I want to have a party with these printable birthday invites!

I'm also always impressed with shirt- to- cardigan tutorials!

I never thought to use rubber stamps on sugar cookies!

LOOOVE this idea for a door privacy screen (or wedding background!)

I love this frame wreath- why be traditional?

Birthday in a suitcase- amazing idea! I'd love to get one of these as a gift!

I LOVE this easy tutorial for a felt headband! So great!!!

Just had to share those! Feel free to grab the "featured" button for those of you who were featured!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Scrappy Cards

Just a few easy ideas for your scraps of paper! I had left-over doiles from the garland, and they were just sitting around- looking so pretty this week! I just had to craft with them before I left :)

I also have a bag of scrapbook paper, that really starts to bug me when it gets scraps in it. I perfer all of the pages to be full 12 x 12...not a 12 x 12 with a chunk taken out of the corner from some other craft.
So with almost no time at all you can make simple, lovely cards!

"Save Me, San Francisco"

(Love the Train Song)

San Francisco update!

Julie and I enjoyed a FABULOUS day iin San Francisco today! After sleeping in (we didn't get to bed until 5am my time...whoops!) we caught a bus down to Union Square to have a look around! Of course I had to ride a trolley

Julie enjoyed it too...of course!

I even got through H&M without buying anything!

I love this place! I could seriously live here...if it weren't for the cool weather. Yes, I've been complaining about the heat back home...but its cold here...and its supposed to be summer!

I think it is the fire escapes that won me over. I love fire escapes. I don't know what it is...but they just make everything look more amazing.

And we went down to Fisherman's Warf. I had the best clam chowder I've had in a LONG time (my all time fav food)

Enjoying the mini-vacation!! Hope everyone else has a great weekend as well!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Rhoda's Design Studio {Giveaway} + FREE DOWNLOADS!

I'm so excited for this giveaway- its something that is still really new to me, but I'm DYING to get into! Digital scrapbooking!!! I'm always impressed with people that can create prints on the computer (for scrapbooking, and blog layouts for example). Here are a couple examples of digital scrapbooking!

Why scrapbook digitally?
1. Save money- no printing pictures!!!
2. Save trees!
3. Save space (my closet at home is FULL of scrapbooks of my childhood. What a great way to save space!)
4. Making mistakes isnt as scary! You can just click the "undo" button

Well allow me to introduce you to Rhoda from Rhoda's Design Studio. She not only put together these LOVELY scrapbook pages, but she also CREATES the designs/prints/frames that you use to decorate your photo memories!

I was obsessed with Art in High School. I used to rearrange my schedule each trimester to guarantee that I had an art class. When I left for college, I loved looking through the catalog at all the fun things available. I figured, I could never make a living as an artist, so I took a couple art classes for fun, but focused on becoming a teacher. My first plan was to go to school for High School Science, and as my art classes accrued, a minor in Art.
When I was finishing up my generals, my husband and I were married, and then we had our first baby (a little sooner than we planned). I switched my major to Elementary Ed. and kissed my art classes good-bye.
After graduating from college, we moved to Bozeman, MT. I stayed home with our daughter and was pregnant with our son. I knew that I didn't want to put them in daycare, so I started researching a way to make a little money and still be home with the kids. I found eBay and Scrapbooking. I was hooked!
We moved to Darby, MT in the summer of 2003. For the next 4 years, I made enough to cover what I would have been making had I been teaching and paying childcare for two kids. I sold on eBay and also started my own scrapbooking kit.
When Hayden was almost 4, a position at the school came available and I knew that I would be foolish not to get my foot in the door. I stopped making things for sale and went to work teaching.

I'm a creative person. If I'm not playing in paint, or mixing up papers, or working with colors, I get crabby. I've always scrapbooked for my self, but I like to share too.
I started dabbling on Etsy. I really wanted to be able to draw things I liked, make things I liked, and still be able to make a little cash on the side.
After 3 years of teaching, the High School Art teacher retired. I wasn't certified for the position, but I only needed 3 classes to be certified. I requested a provisional, so I could teach the classes while I finished getting my minor. Life made a loop for me, and brought me back around to being creative.
My other dream was to be an illustrator (or color for Disney, but I won't push my luck).
When I started looking into a Master's program in Illustration, there wasn't anything available in Montana (or Idaho, or anywhere close for that matter). Online courses are available, but the whole Master's Degree is as much as my Bachelor in Education. Not feasible.
I cried for a few days.
And then I bought myself a load of books on I'm a teacher. I'll teach myself. I also found some online classes for digital programs like Photoshop and Illustrator.
After challenging myself for awhile. Practicing. And still learning, I am now offering my creations in my shop: rhodadesignstudio. I am still learning. I am still challenging myself. And I am still talking myself through my moments of self doubt. Those nasty little thoughts that pop up and tell me that because I haven't gone to school, I'm not good enough. I squish them, and I keep on practicing and learning.
There you have it.
Someday, I hope to be able to match my teaching income with my art, graphics, and illustrations. I've set some goals for myself. I still have a stack of books to work through. I'll get there. I'm to stubborn not too :)

I absolutely love how open and honest Rhoda was about her history- and she has inspired me not only to start doing digital scrapbooking- but to also really dive into photoshop. I've been messing around on it for a while, but haven't really sat down and made myself figure out how to do things. Sounds like a photoshop class online may be a good way to go!  

Well FIRST off, some AWESOME news- All of you can download her scrapbooking/blog design kit FOR FREE!!! She made this kit expecially for my readers :) She even used colors from my blog to make it extra special! So go at it!!! If you're a digital scrapbooker, or just looking for new fun backgrounds to your blog- download it here!!

Your SECOND chance for freebies!! Go check out her blog RIGHT NOW! (okay, no rush...but you'll want to right now because it is AWESOME!) She has ANOTHER free download for all of you that visit her blog! You may be thinking- this is too good to be true...whats the catch? NO CATCH :) (I sound like a car salesperson now...I'm going to stop! haha) So go to Rhoda Design Studio to find another freebie!

And finally- one of you will win a $15 Credit to her Store!

Well here is how you can win the $15 credit to her shop (which would get you alot of stuff since her designs are INCREDIBLY reasonable!!)

Do any of the following! Comment in seperate posts for each that you've done!
 (be a follower here first to enter)

1. Go check out her etsy, heart her shop, and come back telling me your favorite item!
2. Check out Rhoda Design Studio Blog- and become a follower!!
3. Like her on facebook!
4. Blog, Tweet, Facebook about this giveaway- who wouldn't want to share all of these freebies with their friends!

The giveaway will be open for a week! 8/4

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Mason Jar Projects

I picked up a bunch of clearance glass jars from various thrift stores last week. Each time I went to a new store, they got cheaper- so I just kept buying them! I found a few more great (great to me means super junky and super cheap) thrift stores is in it was a very successful trip!

First off we have the hanging mason jar. I added a little bunting design around the top. (because if you couldn't tell...I love bunting right now) I had wire sitting around, and simply wrapped it around the lid and made a handle! Perfect!

I found the hanging piece on clearance at hobby lobby for just $.60! A coat of mod podge, doilies and extra paper made it just perfect!

Its still drying- I couldnt wait to take a photo!
If you have other jars laying around- try mod podging doilies, fabric or extra scrapbook paper around them! A pretty added touch!

Or mod podge the lid of a jar. This was a jelly jar I've had for a while. No need to purchase jars when you've got plenty in the fridge

And of course chalkboard labels! I love these things! You can simply use black contact paper too- it works great!!
Just a few jar ideas! Feel free to leave me comments with your own!! I've got plenty to work with!!!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Ginger Snaps Labels {Giveaway}

Remember when I found Ginger from Ginger Snaps way back when I was overly obsessed with whoopdwhoop?! (its still amazing!) Well, Ginger's blog and etsy have really grown since then! Check out all of these great items she has right now!

My personal favorite are her chalboard fancy rectangles

Chalkboard labels are my absolute favorite thing right now- no matter what the shape!!

They make me want to label EVERYTHING!!

Some of you may also remember that I had this "Kitty" label on my last laptop! And I have one on my water bottle I use everyday! I love things with my name on it!!

Her name labels are just great- use them for cups, giftbags, water bottles- everything!


During our last giveaway, Ginger gave away these great personalized kitchen labels!
Ginger's crafts are fantastic! Plus- she is a mother of 5 children. I am always amazed by all the mothers that are able to craft, blog, and have an etsy! She doesn't just do labels either- she has some great tutorials posted on her blog too!!

You may be thinking "Well what can you win?!" Ginger wants to give you an item in her shop! You pick- anything you want!!

Here's how to enter! (be a follower first, then do any of the following for extra entries!)

1. Go check out Ginger Snaps on etsy- and tell me what your favorite item is!
2. Follow Ginger's Blog! (she does lots of great giveaways too- just saying!)
3. Like her on facebook!! (especially do this one- so easy and lets help Ginger hit 100!!)
4. Blog/facebook/Tweet about the giveaway- all for an extra entry!
5. Enter the other Celebratory 500 Follow Giveaways going on here (check the right side of the blog for current giveaways) Get an extra entry for entering any of them! (one extra entry only please)

The giveaway will be open for a week 8/2

Monday, July 25, 2011

Passive Aggressive Card Printable

Okay let me explain

A friend pinned this etsy card recently...and I thought it was HILARIOUS.

I made a little tweaking (cuter and a little more appropriate for my taste) and came up with these:

I've been trying my hand at photoshop lately, and decided this project would be simple enough. Now, I'll be honest, I probably wont ever print them or use them (even though some days I would like to...I just couldnt bring myself to actually leave one of these on a windshield.) But for those of you who would enjoy carrying these around, you're welcome to print some out!
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