Sunday, July 31, 2011

Feature Favs #4

I've seen so many great things that I love lately- Just wanted to put up a few other great features!

Sewing messages into bindings This is going on the list of things I need to try!

I'm dying to try one of these sidewalk chalk photoshoots!

DIY envelope liners- with printables included!

I want to have a party with these printable birthday invites!

I'm also always impressed with shirt- to- cardigan tutorials!

I never thought to use rubber stamps on sugar cookies!

LOOOVE this idea for a door privacy screen (or wedding background!)

I love this frame wreath- why be traditional?

Birthday in a suitcase- amazing idea! I'd love to get one of these as a gift!

I LOVE this easy tutorial for a felt headband! So great!!!

Just had to share those! Feel free to grab the "featured" button for those of you who were featured!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Scrappy Cards

Just a few easy ideas for your scraps of paper! I had left-over doiles from the garland, and they were just sitting around- looking so pretty this week! I just had to craft with them before I left :)

I also have a bag of scrapbook paper, that really starts to bug me when it gets scraps in it. I perfer all of the pages to be full 12 x 12...not a 12 x 12 with a chunk taken out of the corner from some other craft.
So with almost no time at all you can make simple, lovely cards!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Mason Jar Projects

I picked up a bunch of clearance glass jars from various thrift stores last week. Each time I went to a new store, they got cheaper- so I just kept buying them! I found a few more great (great to me means super junky and super cheap) thrift stores is in it was a very successful trip!

First off we have the hanging mason jar. I added a little bunting design around the top. (because if you couldn't tell...I love bunting right now) I had wire sitting around, and simply wrapped it around the lid and made a handle! Perfect!

I found the hanging piece on clearance at hobby lobby for just $.60! A coat of mod podge, doilies and extra paper made it just perfect!

Its still drying- I couldnt wait to take a photo!
If you have other jars laying around- try mod podging doilies, fabric or extra scrapbook paper around them! A pretty added touch!

Or mod podge the lid of a jar. This was a jelly jar I've had for a while. No need to purchase jars when you've got plenty in the fridge

And of course chalkboard labels! I love these things! You can simply use black contact paper too- it works great!!
Just a few jar ideas! Feel free to leave me comments with your own!! I've got plenty to work with!!!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Passive Aggressive Card Printable

Okay let me explain

A friend pinned this etsy card recently...and I thought it was HILARIOUS.

I made a little tweaking (cuter and a little more appropriate for my taste) and came up with these:

I've been trying my hand at photoshop lately, and decided this project would be simple enough. Now, I'll be honest, I probably wont ever print them or use them (even though some days I would like to...I just couldnt bring myself to actually leave one of these on a windshield.) But for those of you who would enjoy carrying these around, you're welcome to print some out!

Sunday, July 24, 2011


I decided to take my own personal summer vacation. Yes, I may be missing a couple days of class (which will be the first time I've EVER missed a law school class) but hear me out.

1. There is no final.
2. I'm almost finished with my paper on seduction (which is 75% of our grade)
3. My paper isnt due until the 1st. So I'm actually being a SUPER good student.
4. I deserve it...because I'm special :)
5. Airplane tickets were way too cheap to pass up
6. Most importantly- my ex-roomie/travel buddy/mud-sliding friend moved to San Francisco for graduate school, and if that isn't a good reason to go....well than I just don't know what is

That's right, So come Wednesday, I'm going to San Francisco.

But more importantly, this is Julie.
(In the white shirt, next to me. If you can't tell who is me, I'm on the far right....when I had dark hair)
But this is more like her....

We have traveled the world together (literally)

From China


New Zealand

and Australia
And we lived together. She put up with me longer than any other person. A whole 3 semester (I'm a mess to live with, so this is a huge accomplishment)

Oh  and we got to sing and dance together dressed like Miss Piggy :)

Basically- we go way back. And I can't wait to see her (and get out of this HEAT here in Nebraska) I'll be leaving soon, so incase you miss me...dont worry, I'm enjoying myself!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Largest Etsy Order Yet

I've been pretty excited about my largest etsy order so far! It was for a lovely bride-to-be who had a great story of how they had their first date. It was in a Yogurt Shop called "Spoon Me" (so cute!) So of course she wanted wedding favors to be spoons, stamped "spoon me" on them!

Now I may be biased...but this is so fun right? Well I enjoyed making 140 of these babies for her rushed order this week. With the grueling 100+ degree days we had been having....stamping outside wasn't quite as fun as it usually is. But I got them all done, shipped on Tuesday, and they arrived Thursday. I was thrilled she got them in plenty of time for her early August wedding.

So there we have my largest etsy order so far! I was thrilled when she sent me the sweetest message thanking me for her favors!

"The spoons came today and I cannot tell you how wonderful I think they are. I couldn't stop myself from looking at every single one and they are fantastic. They really are fantastic and I feel like I need to say that a billion more times, but instead i'll just say thank you. thanks for your speed in making them, in shipping them, and for your incredible work."

So this is yet another friendly reminder to thank your etsy shop owners when you really love their can really make someone's day (like it did mine!)

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Vintage Singer- Help?

I found this today...and it looked so cool that I had to buy it! Now my question is...what is it? I don't sew really...but I did a little research- is it for buttons?

The front of the instruction book says Singer 15-91 if that helps??

I thought I'd sell it on etsy/ebay to someone that would like it more than I would, but wanted to see what it was first so I can label it! I am growing attached maybe I'll just decorate with it!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Update {5 Giveaways!}

Just wanted to recap the giveaways going on right now! There are 5 different giveaways!

Cupcake topper made my yours truly

And the kngo Giveaway for $20 to her shop! You can get lots of great stuff from her!

And two being sponsored by me on other blogs! Here are your two chances to win these leaf earrings!

Check out Ginger & Amie's blogs! (enter both for a double chance!!) 

Free Netflix- HUGE mistake

About 2 weeks ago I signed up for a free trial of Netflix. Huge mistake.

I've watched Glee, I'm on the 3rd season of 30 rock, and may have freaked out when I saw a favorite TV show that was canceled called "Beautiful People" (I loved that show-oh and it has Jasper from Twilight in it...which explains why I decided he was my favorite)

 Not to mention some really awful movies. You know, the ones that are like "Oh, I've never heard of that...but so-and-so is in it must be good." That is untrue.

Although my free trial isn't up, I've got to say, its been my biggest time-waster of the past few weeks. I justify watching by completing etsy orders while watching. I end up getting sidetracked, and find myself just sitting there- staring at my laptop instead of doing anything crafty. But I just can't seem to stop.

So there was my biggest mistake as of late

But it does come a close second to thinking that mod podge would dry crystal clear over a mason jar...long story. But its obvious its been 'podged.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Feeling Artsy Fartsy

Yesterday I was feeling rather artsy. Since I wasn't doing a booth at the market this week, I decided to go creep around and take pictures instead. I must say...I love being a creep.
I may have disliked Lincoln when I moved here. (I'm certainly warming up to it!)  These people not only have the small town feel...but they WANT the small town feel. Something I will not understand. I prefer a city myself. And since Lincoln is growing (even though they refuse to recognize it) the place just gets more packed with cars, and yet they keep the "main streets" one lane.

Oh, and other people still think of them as a small town- so that means only 3 starbucks (even though they could certainly use a few more) one GAP, and Walmarts only on the edges of town.

However, they are still a college town. The downtown area is now my favorite, its more artsy than I ever realized, they have great summer events, and the bike paths are amazing.

The farmers market is what warmed me up to this little city.

And just a reminder!! There are TWO giveaways going on right now!!
Here and Here

Another one will be starting tomorrow- so dont forget to check back!
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