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Saturday, March 10, 2012

DIY TOMS Style Slippers!

I needed a break from homework today, looked down, and saw my TOMS flag under my desk. I picked it up and thought "Hmm....this is sort of the material toms are made of" I decided to try to make my own toms. After realizing I had no idea how to make a sole of a shoe, slippers seemed like the perfect alternative!

This requires minimal sewing- about 3 stitches.
A hot glue gun,
some felt (or a blanket piece)
extra fabric,
a toms flag, (1 per shoe)
and a sock.

This is a little harder for me to explain, compared with my other crafts....because I really just went for it.

Grab your extra fabric, and you'll make 3 pieces. I really suggest having a pair of TOMS to base these off of. You want a toe tip, toe, and a back. 

Just estimate, but leave plenty of overlap. 

Now you want line it up to match with your flag. I wear a 9.5 in TOMS, so if you wear much bigger, it may not quite fit...but I'd say you could easily do a 10. 

Cut out your pieces. And sew them in place. I lined up the flat seam of the flag with the top seam of the back piece. That way it wouldn't fray (and I wouldn't have to sew as much at least) . The sewed pieces will look funny without a bottom. You can find of drape it over your foot to figure out how it will look.

Now you're done sewing! Put on a sock, plug in your glue gun, and cut out a piece of scrap fabric for the bottom. You place your fabric over your foot, and tuck in the bottom pieces, and glue it to the fabric. The sock is to protect your foot from the glue gun heat! You'll have a basic toms shoe shape when you've done this:

Now you want 3 layers of felt. I used a blanket I keep in my trunk of my car. Cut it out as an estimate of the shape of your foot

Grab two layers, and another piece of fabric. Glue the fabric around the felt like so:

Now glue it inside the shoe!

Finally you'll do the same thing with the last layer, only glue it on the bottom.

I was very pleased with how well these turned out! They stay together great, and fit perfect. Great for slippers! And they are way comfy.
If you can tell- I accidentally had the sewing machine on the wrong stitch for the first part...whoops!


Tammy @ Type A

very cool!


Wow, what a great house shoe.

Ms. M


tag your it.

Jen Lossing

Those are super cute. Love the style. Great job!

Crafty Cousins

Super cute! I'd love it if you linked up at Crafty Cousins!


Holla! We're your newest followers! :)


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