Friday, March 9, 2012

Inventory Moving Sale

I'm trying to move inventory in the etsy shop! A little "spring cleaning" if you will! I've never had items discounted as low as they are this week! So come check it out- and pick up some clearance items!

Here is a little example of what you will find:
Items for $2.99 and less!

Items under $6

Items under $7

So click here to check it out!

**If items are sold out, just contact me and I can see if I have more!**



So many great items! I'll have to go check it all out now

Mal @ The Chic Geek

Emily Heizer Photography

You know, I keep meaning to email you about lucky pennies in (sort of) bulk for my clients. But I'd want them to all be for the year 2012... Can you even do that, and find 2012 pennies? Like you don't have enough to do. lol I dunno, I keep going back and forth about doing it because it would probably be expensive for me to do it. And the timing would be tight. (A lot of my couples shoot their engagements right before their weddings, which makes sending their discs out with gifts BEFORE the wedding hard). It can be a lot easier to just scrap it and do it after, but then the pennies are meaningless. I thought about using you for hangers but it would be too expensive with how many clients I have, plus the hangers are more popular and some of my girls are getting them as gifts now. I'd want to do something unique. HMMMMM

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