Thursday, March 15, 2012

Looking for Travel Tips!

Our Spring Break trip is just around the corner! This year, I persuaded my family to take one last "hoorah" trip before my sister finishes her masters this spring, and I grow up and become a lawyer next year.

This weekend my family heads to New Orleans, and will take a cruise to Mexico.

Here is where I am looking for tips!
My family hasn't been to any of these 3 places before-- Any suggestions on things we should make sure to do in New Orleans in particular?!

So far you all have NEVER let me down on great travel tips! I'd love to hear any opinions!!



Oh looks like fun. I cant really help you with those specific places, but my sister has just started a series on her travels on our blog and its going to have tips from what we have picked up during our many travels.
They might be of some interest, although im not sure if there will be much out before you go tho .


I went on a cruise that included Cozumel a couple years ago and the best advice I got from friends was to book your excursions locally ahead of time through local vendors. We did that for snorkeling in Cozumel and spent 3 hrs with a handful of others and a little glass-ish bottom boat snorkeling for half the price of the ship cost. Book as much as you can locally - it's way less expensive. Also, if you haven't been on a cruise before, bringing some non-drowsy and regular drowsy dramamine is super helpful for getting your sea legs stabilized.


I've been to New Orleans (or NOLA as I like to call it :) ) a couple of times! You should definitely try to go to Elizabeth's for breakfast & to the infamous Cafe du Monde for beignets & cafe au lait. Also, Mother's has great po'boys if you want to try those. My favorite part about NOLA has always been the food.

Also, you should definitely go to the Garden District, where Tulane & Audobon Park are. It's a gorgeous area & free to walk around & look. Everything will be lush & green & beautiful. Another area to check out is the French Quarter & Jackson Square.

You're so lucky; New Orleans is a wonderful city!


There's a great pizza place in New Orleans called Pi Pizza & Pastas. It's got a Pi symbol on the sign. It's in the warehouse district on S Peters. The swamp pizza was great!

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