Thursday, March 29, 2012

Solar Mason Jar Light

I saw the coolest thing this week, it was a trick to making solar mason jar lights!

All you do is pick up a cheapy solar light for outdoors- I got mine at walmart for under $3. And grab a mason jar

Now pull off the bottom stick portion, and place the top in the mason jar!

It's that easy! If you want it more permanent, hot glue or super glue it inside!

I've never used these before, so I was surprised how long they lasted! I actually kept mine in my room (great for a kid's night light!) I had it in the window a couple of hours, and it lasted through the morning!


Two Broads Design

if you glue it to the ring of the jar, it makes it easier to move around. :)

Tutus & Tea Parties

Cool, cool, cool! Totally making this! Thanks!

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