Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Facts: Insights to Being Me

I'm a mess. A complete mess. No matter how old I get, my room will never been clean and I will never make my bed. I save everything. Which includes being a very sentimental person. I have letters in a giant popcorn tin my room, from people I don't even know anymore. I have a box under my bed with everything from a square of old green carpet I had in my room growing up, a blue tile from my parents bathroom, seashells, rocks, toys, and finally (after some encouragement from Kevin) I got rid of all those old boyfriend boxes I kept under my bed.

My money habits are pretty clear...I'm cheap. Way cheap. I wont buy a smartphone because I don't want to pay for the plan. I don't enjoy going out to eat unless it is for social reasons, I never buy things from vending machines, and I wont buy anything unless it is clearance. I only spend money on trips and photography equipment. I only get starbucks now when I've had a rough day, and use my giftcards I've racked up from being in law school (thank you LexisNexis for giving us giftcards for legal research!)

I'll never have a tattoo. But if someone created a 5 year tattoo...I'd do that in a heartbeat. I'm not good with anything that will be a life long decision, that is just way to much commitment for me to handle. Piercings I don't mind, (I used to have 5, now I'm down to just 3....nothing crazy!) you can just take them out...but tattoos are too long term for me.

If I could change one thing, I truly wish I could enjoy surprises. I hate much. Its not even funny. Surprises make me cry...and not the good cry. If getting proposed to is on video, its not going to be one of those happy videos you show your kids some day. Big surprises I handle way worse than little surprises, so I cannot even imagine. My sister threw me a surprise party my freshman year of college, and all I wanted to do was slam the door and cry. She let me stay outside for a while to collect myself before walking in on my lovely guests. Even though it was a really nice gesture on her part!

If I could have be better at something, It would be to write/draw better. My handwriting is awful, and I cannot draw any better than I could in 2nd grade, and it was bad even then. This comes in with a close second to being able to sew better, third would be to cook.

I put very little time doing my "head" in the mornings. I don't wear makeup, I've tried on multiple occasions to get into wearing it...but it just doesn't seem worth it. You're just going to take it off later in the day, and I'm not trying to impress anyone. I will admit I look better with it on, but the effort....bleck. The same goes for my hair. I straighten my hair about once a month, when I have alot of spare time in the morning, or if I want to see how long it is growing. I take less than 2 minutes on my hair every morning.

If I ever plan a wedding, it will probably look nothing like my pinterest wedding. Even though most of my crafts are the vintage, homemade, crafty look....I would like nothing better than an "ikea" themed wedding. Bold, simple, modern. Someday, I want a house that looks like it came off the ikea showroom. One of those that Kevin thinks doesn't look like something someone would actually live in. But as of right now, I don't even want a wedding. Combination of my cheap-ness and my etsy shop owner realization, that no one cares about a wedding like you do.

Roller coasters are awful. I hate them. I don't want to feel like I'm falling. Airplane turbulence, that I can handle...but if I was in an airplane careening towards the surface of the earth, I would probably pass out. So why strap me into something that does more than simply freefalls, but pulls me towards the ground?! No thank you.

I have long toes. My second toe is extremly long. It actually measures the length of my pinky finger. Because of that, I have bigger feet then Kevin, and I'm proud of it.

I will not watch a scary movie. I did once, in high school....and it was one of the worst decisions of my life. I don't like scary things...I don't like lawyer shows with blood and murder. I'd never even watched a law show until I started school. (minus legally blonde of course)

Even though I went to law school on a "whim" it was a "whim" in the making. I'd thought about it in high school (because I always wanted to be the next US President) and went into college as an English major so my writing would be perfected for law school. After my first year I realized..."what if I don't go to law school, what will I do with an English degree?" (You can do lots, but just nothing I wanted to do...hope I didn't offend!) So I went for the next best generic thing....Business. It wasn't until my Junior year of college, when I had an outstanding Business Law professor, that made me realize I think law school would still be interesting. I took the LSAT, applied, got in to 4 out of my 5 schools...and decided "eh, what the heck?" And I went for Nebraska thanks to that lovely thing called "in-state tuition" 



I love learning these new little things about you! I have been reading your blog for about a year now and I just love it! I feel like we're friends. Well a one sided friendship since I know you, but you don't know me haha But I love reading your blog each day and I smile every single time I read it! Keep it up!


I like this post!


Thanks for the post all about you! I found myself relating to alot of stuff that you said. I'm also cheap , don't wear makeup and don't like roller coasters. It was nice getting to know some stuff about you!


This is a beautiful post. Better than any tutorial or project. I love honesty. I love sincerity. Thanks for sharing about you!

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