Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Repurposed Table

My crafting/blogging reputation has started to get around at the law school. I've had a few students, I'd never met before, as me to make hangers for them this semester. I've found out a few friends read my blog that I'd never known, and a few people I didn't know personally read the blog. Having this reputation has certainly benefited me! From being asked to make tshirts, gifts, questions about crafting on their own, and I'm now the go-to person when people are getting rid of things!

With that being said, I'd like to thank my friend, Rachel, for asking me if I wanted a side table she was getting rid of!

The before:
I cannot find this photo! of the worst blogging mistakes!
It was a plain wood colored table- you get the idea

And the after:

I still haven't decided if it is finished yet. I really wanted to figure out a way to drill holes in it, for mason jars! I thought it would be a great craft storage table. I have yet to figure out a goo way to do that, since mason jars are bigger on bottom than on the top, they would just fall right through!

I use a paper punch and a little mod podge to get the desired affect!




Cute table. You mentioned drilling holes for the mason jars. On the lower table? I'd just drill a hole large enough for the mouth of the jar and insert from underneath. If you wrap a rubberband around the mouth of the jar it should stay in place. I hope you try this, I can't wait to see it!


Love it, super cute!


I think you should try to make the jars fit. That is a great idea! :)

My law school is tiny, so really, there is almost no one that I haven't met, but I am known for my cooking and bloggish activities :) ... hence being appointed "director of internal affairs" for the moot court board... aka "hospitality" aka feed the judges and the board during tournament weeks. :)

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