Friday, April 27, 2012

So Long Bailee

Since I'll be moving for the summer for work, I'll be missing this little (who are we kidding....LARGE) furball.

We have our moments of head butting, when we both try to assert our dominance. For example, last week's fiasco of trying to get her off the top of the car. I pulled, I tried food, I grabbed a broom and tried to drag her off, and I attempted to pick her up (which I never do for fear of getting my face bitten, or throwing my back out from the weight). I eventually wedged the broom underneath her enough for her to lose her balance and jump from the car. I then used the broom to trap her in a corner of the garage, while grandma pulled her car out. It was for her own good, my grandma's family has had bad luck with running over cats.

So I took a few photos of my furry "friend" before heading back to Omaha in a few days.

She sure can be cute when she isn't biting, eating your food, stubbornly hiding under your desk, or trying to grab your feet as you walk passed.
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